About XTRACT Solutions

Company Overview


XTRACT Solutions combines over a decade of software development with the industry-leading outsourcing of Edge Pharma to create a complete allergy immunotherapy management system on the market. At XTRACT we believe that safe and effective immunotherapy begins with the tools necessary to manage the entire clinic, from the time the patient walks in, through the diagnostic process, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections. A key component of this is compliance with the new USP 797 regulations for allergenic extract compounding.


Whether our customers choose to compound in-house or outsource, XTRACT has a complete solution to ensure 797 compliance.

Meet Our Founder


XTRACT Solutions was founded in 2005 by one of the foremost authorities on immunotherapy treatment, Dr. James Baker. As a board certified allergist with over 30 years of experience treating patients with allergies, asthma, and immunological disorders, Dr. Baker recognized the need for improved tools to effectively manage the allergy clinic. XTRACT was borne out of this need, and has since evolved into the industry standard. Dr. Baker continues to see patients at his Portland, Oregon based practice, and recently was named one of Portland’s finest physicians by his colleagues.

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