Account Manager



Xtract Solutions is a software company that leads the market in innovative solutions in the allergy immunotherapy field.

Xtract Solutions is looking for a motivated and experienced​ account manager with chief responsibilities in managing, tracking, and facilitating new customer implementation projects and keeping on top of tasks. This involves transitioning the customer from the sales process into an active project, establishing weekly/biweekly meetings with them, gathering clinical details and configuring their application settings, acting as a liaison for any technical aspects (hardware, interfaces, etc.), and coordinating training and go-live.

Other responsibilities may include assisting existing customers with their use of the software, coordinating with other team members in the contracting and estimating process for new customers, and collaborating with Technical Support for support calls.


Job Type:​ Full-time hourly position

Location:​ In-house at Corporate Office, Beaverton, OR



      • Collaborate with team leaders to set clear expectations for tasks and deliverables, provide timely feedback, information, and direction to internal and external teams while diplomatically managing expectations.
      • Collaborate with team leaders to ensure expectations are managed with regard to scope, progress, schedule and budget.
      • Provide a project schedule / calendar to identify when each task will be performed.
      • Work with other Xtract PM to assess project and task priorities when scheduling IT resources.
      • Track and follow-up on project deliverables, issues and dependencies
      • Working with the Development team to ensure schedules are up to date and appropriate software versions are selected.
      • Work with PM, IT, and Business teams to resolve issues related to capacity or urgency



      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
      • Prior experience handling office responsibilities, experience in customer service, or a related field.
      • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work across multiple projects
      • Willingness to learn and to grow with the company.


Please send resume to: ​