Frequently Asked Questions

How can XTRACT help me to meet the new USP 797 guidelines for allergenic extract compounding?

The combination of XTRACT Immunotherapy Software and outsourcing through Edge Pharma provides hospitals and clinics the only fully compliant system. For organizations that decide not to invest in the capital improvements required to meet the new USP 797 regulations, outsourcing to Edge Pharma is easy and avoids any requirement for facilities upgrades, compounding training, SOPs, cleaning, temperature and humidity logs, annual exams, and media fill testing. If hospitals or clinics, however, decide to continue mixing treatment sets in-house, XTRACT Immunotherapy Software’s Comply module provides an easy to follow checklist (including remainders, logs, and documentation) to make sure your facility is fully in compliance.


Do you have a Billing module?

Yes!  After a billable transaction in XTRACT, for example a skin test was performed, a prescription mixed, or immunotherapy injection administered, a billing message can be sent to the EHR or PM for instant charge capture.


Why should I choose XTRACT over other allergy immunotherapy software available on the market?

Xtract Solutions is much more than just a software company. Our system is the only complete solution to compliant immunotherapy. Other software systems offer certain fragments of what is included with XTRACT; however, none includes all the modules (Test, Prescribe, Mix, Outsource, Inject, and Comply), and in particular no other allergy software system focuses on USP 797 compliance. In addition, XTRACT offers easy outsourcing of immunotherapy treatment vials, both patient specific and non-patient specific custom mixes. As providers and health system pharmacy personnel begin to evaluate costs and options related to USP 797 compliance, it will be more important than ever to have a complete solution.

With an FDA registered 503B Outsourcing facility in the United States and a registered DDP in Canada, Edge Pharma is uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality compounded treatment vials in North America. Outsourcing through Edge Pharma is simple, cost effective, improves clinic efficiency, and eliminates USP 797 compliance issues.


Is there an advantage to using your stand-alone system compared to a complete EHR integrated system?

The benefits to consider when using Xtract Solutions as a stand-alone system are the cost and time it takes to install. Setting up interfaces requires some time and additional costs from XTRACT Solutions, the EMR company, and often internal IT resources. Many customers use our system as a stand-alone immunotherapy management system, and then upload the PDF documents to their EMR. This eliminates the time and cost associated with integration.


Do you provide technical support? How much does it cost?

Yes, we offer extensive technical support through our Oregon-based customer service center. This is available Monday through Friday from 6 AM PST to 5 PM PST. Unlimited support is included in the annual Maintenance & Support package. We want to help make your transition to digital immunotherapy and USP 797 compliance as easy and painless as possible.


Do you provide training? How much does it cost?

Yes, we provide both remote and on-site training / go-live support.  Remote training is included in the implementation cost and can be scheduled both before and after the clinical go-live date. Onsite training is also often bundled in with implementation, but can easily be added at any time.


How long does it take to implement XTRACT? Is it included in the cost of your software?

Every organization is different, and we work collaboratively to make the implementation process one that works for everyone involved. The implementation process is built into the cost of the platform and varies with the type and number of EMR interfaces, locations, and client-side IT resources. Call or email us for a free consultation to determine your clinical and IT needs. We will provide a quote and implementation plan at no cost and with no obligation to proceed.


What would happen with the integration / interface if my EMR / PM system is upgraded?

XTRACT’s flexible integration engine migrates between platforms. For example, XTRACT Solutions has migrated entire health systems with interfaces in Cerner to EPIC in a clinically seamless process.


Will XTRACT software integrate with my EMR / EHR / PM system?

Yes! XTRACT Immunotherapy Software has a flexible integration engine to ensure that whatever EHR you use, we will be able to push data in the preferred format. Typical integrations include patient demographics from your EMR / PM system,  XTRACT document results sent to the EHR (e.g. skin test, prescription, and injection reports), and charge capture messages sent for billing in the EMR / PM.


Can your software accommodate my specific processes?

We find most allergists and organizations have specific processes. Our platform is designed with this flexibility in mind. The XTRACT onboarding leverages decades of allergy clinical experience and over 10 years of software development to provide a turn-key installation process. And each implementation can be easily customized to meet your needs.


Does your software have all the necessary allergy specific features?

XTRACT Immunotherapy Software includes six integrated modules that track skin testing (Test Module), prescription generation (Prescribe Module), immunotherapy vial compounding (Mix Module), vial outsourcing (Outsource Module), injection tracking (Inject Module), and USP 797 compliance (Comply Module). XTRACT allows you to document treatment for aeroallergen immunotherapy. It also has workflows so you can perform diagnostic testing and treatment for venoms.


I work in a large hospital and we have a dedicated allergy department. Was XTRACT designed to meet the needs of our allergy department?

Our systems were designed to be scalable. Our customers range in size from dozens of allergists spanning multiple states to single provider practices in rural areas.  We also understand that larger hospital systems often have heightened levels of regulation to ensure patient safety and responsible use of systems. XTRACT Immunotherapy Software includes configurable user privilege levels that allow you to contain users to only those parts of the software they are allowed access to. Within larger hospital systems, EMR/EHR integration is also important. With the mandate to have the patient’s complete record in the EMR, clinicians are often forced to double document the data on paper and then again in the EMR.  With XTRACT’s interfaced solutions these challenges go away.

We have a dedicated support team that help make the transition to allergy immunotherapy software as seamless as possible. And just like with smaller organizations, for health systems with potentially dozens of allergists spread across multiple locations, investing the time and money required to meet the new USP 797 regulations for allergenic extract compounding may be daunting. XTRACT software makes outsourcing quick and easy, eliminating these issues completely.


I am the owner of a small allergy medical practice. How will your software help me?

Small practices often mean fewer employees trying to accomplish the same amount of work as a larger organization. Allergy immunotherapy software can help alleviate many of the burdens associated with this. Time consuming tasks such as labeling, extract lot traceability, compliance, and immunotherapy documentation are handled by XTRACT software, freeing up valuable staff time. The decision assistance features built into XTRACT make it easy for staff to be cross trained, allowing you to keep your employee pool nimble.

XTRACT software also provides the peace of mind that staff will execute patient care within the guidelines of the provider-defined protocols, and with the safety assurances of barcode and fingerprint verification. With respect to outsourcing, for allergy clinics not interested in investing the time and capital required to meet the new USP 797 regulations for allergenic extract compounding, XTRACT software has an Outsource module that makes purchasing patient specific treatment vials as simple as clicking a button.