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Xtract Solutions brings more than a group of products to your clinic. It’s a true, end-to-end solution.
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Our interactive clinic shows how Xtract Solutions will help you to maximize your workflow from the front desk, through the vial preparation area and the patient rooms, and right through to the physician’s office and billing.

You’ll see how Xtract will help to improve patient outcomes and clinic profitability.

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Seamless EMR Interfacing

Don’t worry if your EMR doesn’t offer immunotherapy functions. Xtract Solutions interfaces seamlessly with Epic, Cerner, and more.

When a hospital or clinic makes a decision about adopting an EMR/EHR system, whether or not it has a good allergy shot application is usually not high on the list of purchasing criteria. As for the EMR company’s motivation to develop such an application internally, they’ve already sold you the solution. Why would they develop more at their own expense?

That’s where Xtract Solutions comes in. We already have the complete solution developed and the interfaces built that meet the unique needs of an allergy immunotherapy practice. So, instead of trying to develop templates that won’t do more than capture data, we encourage you to look at our complete solutions and complimentary interfaces, regardless of what EMR you might have.

Rx Accuracy

Rx Accuracy

Xtract Solutions brings safety and quality assurance to the mixing lab with lot tracking, vial scans, and weight-based verification.

Most allergy doctors ask these important questions: Is my mixing lab filling Rx correctly? Are we tracking lot numbers and expirations like the practice parameters says we’re supposed to? Even if the answer is yes to both questions, the records are probably kept on paper, inefficiently.

Xtract Solutions is the pioneer in bringing safety checks to the mixing lab for allergy treatment. We allow you to easily inventory, label, and barcode your stock allergen vials and, when mixing, attribute the lot and expiration automatically by scanning each vial. This also confirms you have selected the correct vials that the prescription calls for. And more: To verify the dose of each allergen is correct we allow you to weigh and confirm the vial’s weight after each ingredient has been added.

All this together brings the confidence level that the treatment vials were mixed correctly to nearly 100%.


Formulation Made Simple

Multiple Locations? No worries with web-based XST, where remote skin test review, formulating, and prescription ordering is made quick and simple.

Large groups of physicians often have multiple locations or satellite clinics enabling them to see many patients across a wide geography. What we see most often is that mixing is still done at only one location.

The problem with this model is this: How do you set up a system that allows the provider to efficiently review a skin test and write the formula for allergy shot treatment vials so they can get back to seeing patients?

That’s where Xtract Skin Test/Order Entry application comes in. XST provides a tool to do just that.

Shot Patient Management

Shot Patient Management

From check-in to discharge, our fingerprint-based login kiosk automates patient entry, includes a pre-shot questionnaire, and alerts the shot nurse that a patient is ready for their injection.

Most busy allergy shot clinics struggle with the management of patient traffic, especially at the busy times before and after school or work — or over the lunch hour. In a busy clinic, it’s sometimes hard to know if the patients in the waiting area are waiting for their shots, waiting in case of reaction, or there on other business.

With Xtract Solutions’ login kiosk, patients efficiently check in by fingerprint. This digital identity eliminates the scan-in card — which is often lost or misplaced — and also allows the patient to answer their pre-shot questionnaire. You can even ask the patient their symptom scores to track improvement over time.

Meanwhile the nurse is alerted to the patient checking in, and prepares the shots efficiently, providing a patient interaction that runs as smoothly as possible and gets the happy patient on with their day.

Clinically Relevant Allergens

Clinically Relevant Allergens

Xtract Solutions checks your formulations to ensure there are no non-compatible or redundant cross-reactive antigens in the same vial.

Most qualified allergy shot providers have a good understanding of what can and can’t be placed in the same vial but, given the complexity of immunotherapy, mistakes can be made.

Xtract Solutions allows you to set up rules ahead of time for how you formulate a vial. Given this set of rules, the system will remind you that you shouldn’t, for example, mix molds with pollens. Or that you’re putting too much of the same cross reactive antigens in the vial. These rules help to not only prevent you from making such a mistake, but also allows everyone to follow the approved protocols of the clinic.


Automated Patient Reminders

With Xtract Solutions, you’ll drive compliance using text or email to remind your patients of scheduled injections or vial refills.

We all know immunotherapy — or allergy shots — is a long commitment that can last three to five years. Over that time period, patients will forget to come in for their shots from time to time. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have automated reminders via text or email happen before they are late and have to step down in treatment?

Xtract’s injection system allows these reminders to be set up based on the patient’s individual shot schedule. Reminders can also be configured for vial refill, ensuring that vials are available for every shot appointment.