EDGE Pharma Outsourcing

The world class team of scientists, pharmacists, compounding technicians, engineers, and quality personnel make Edge Pharma the leader in compounded allergy treatment sets. As an integral component of the complete immunotherapy solution, Edge Pharma provides the outsourcing option for clinics that decide not to compound immunotherapy serum in-house.

With the new USP 797 requirements going into effect this year, clinics will now need to meet extensive facility, documentation, training, testing, and cleaning requirements. For many organizations this capital investment will be considerable, and ongoing costs associated with additional space and personnel may be difficult to justify. Edge Pharma offers a simple, affordable solution to this challenge.


 Allergenic Extract Compounding Checklist

    • No-cost setup
    • Customized print and online order forms for your clinic
    • Typical turnaround less than 2 weeks
    • Largest compounder of allergy treatment sets in both the US and Canada
    • FDA Registered and inspected 503B Outsourcing facility
    • Dedicated quality team
    • Consulting services available to help bring your clinic up to new USP 797 standards

EDGE Pharma Benefits

    • Easiest option for USP 797 compliance
    • Simple ordering system
    • Reduced inventory of supplies and extracts saves time and money
    • Improved efficiency within clinic
    • Highest quality

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