Xtract Work Station (XWS)

This 29″ mobile work station ergonomically accommodates all the components of the AMA and XPS with integrated work surface and storage. It can be easily adapted to your clinic’s environment.

Work Surface

Available in two sizes: the 4800 stores up to 48 vials and the 2400 stores up to 24 vials. Tray table can be easily attached to either Allergy Mixing Assistant.

AMA Temperature Monitoring

Xtract Temperature Monitoring (XTM)

24/7 temperature monitoring and alerting for AMA by Xtract Support Team—giving you piece of mind.

Zebra GX420T Label Printer

Zebra GX420T Label Printer

Thermal label printer with water proof “Life Science” rated vial labels.

Datalogic GBT 4430 Cordless Scanner or Datalogic QD 2430 Corded Barcode Scanner

Elegant, comfortable, and lightweight with top-of-the-line imaging capable of reading both 1D and 2D scanned barcode information.

Patient Login Kiosk & Finger Print Reader

Patient Login Kiosk and Finger Print Reader

Fully configured and integrated login terminal on Surface 3 with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM ready for setup on table or wall mounted patient self-login terminal. Digital Persona  U.are.U 4500 finger print reader.

Waiting Room T.V. Monitor

Waiting Room T.V. Monitor

Waiting room T.V. monitor allows patients to know remaining wait time before being excused.

Sales Contacts

Steve Baker
Direct: (503) 379-0107

Scott Tracy
Direct: (970) 846-6865