A flexible digital Injection tracking system automation the allergy injection clinic-flow while enhancing safety and efficiency.

Xtract Injection System

The Xtract Injection System (XIS) is an innovative electronic solution for managing allergy injections and patient traffic in your clinic. Incorporating advanced digital technology, Xtract Injection System allows patients to check in, answer questionnaire, get their shot, and check out quickly and effectively.

The XIS allows shot nurses to efficiently manage the flow of traffic to minimize patient wait time, and helps prevent error through safety checks such as fingerprint identification, barcode scanning of vials and crosschecking of treatment plans. If patients are near their window for missing an injection, automatic reminders are sent to them to come in to get their shot.


  • Customized graphical injection history with treatment related metadata.
  • Fingerprint based patient sign-in kiosk (no need for patient ID cards).
  • Nurse dashboard automates traffic management.
  • Barcodes on treatment vials and fingerprint reader confirm patient receives correct injections and all injections scheduled.
  • Integrated reorder / reformulation of vials directly to XPS from XIS.
  • Optional waiting room monitor lets patients know remaining wait time before being excused.
  • Customized reports provide daily shot lists for billing, track shot reactions, and list patients overdue for injections.

And More…

XIS Screen

Injection Tracking

Innovative graphical shot record allows instantaneous evaluation of patient progress and the ability to adjust treatment plan as needed.

Shot Reminder

Shot Reminders

Automatic patient reminders via text or email improve compliance and revenue.

Patient Report

Patient Comprehension

Graphical, data rich injection reports to incentivise continuation of treatment by showing actual progress at recheck visits.


Patient Sign-in

Patient Login Kiosk and Finger Print Reader

Fully configured and integrated login terminal on Surface 3 with 128GB storage and 4GB RAM ready for setup on table or wall mounted patient self-login terminal. Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 finger print reader.

Datalogic Scanner

Datalogic QD 2430 Corded Barcode Scanner

Elegant, comfortable, and lightweight with top-of-the-line imaging capable of reading both 1D and 2D scanned barcode information.

Waiting Room T.V. Monitor

Waiting Room T.V. Monitor

Waiting room T.V. monitor allows patients to know remaining wait time before being excused.


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