An integrated system of hardware and software managing the complete compounding workflow with traceability for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Xtract Preparation System

The Xtract Preparation System (XPS) is a customized technology solution for the allergen immunotherapy bottle lab built to maximize workflow efficiency through streamlined data entry. This process confirms the accuracy of the mixing process using barcode verification, with a searchable, traceable record of patient serum bottles.


  • Dedicated medical grade hardware can be included directly in the aseptic field during compounding.
  • Automatic document generation including all vial labeling, prescription sheets, compounding records, and any other custom clinic forms necessary.
  • Interactive patient records show full history of prescriptions, and automates the preparation of dilution and maintenance vials for reorder.
  • Coded, custom “Life Sciences” rated vial labels won’t have letters rub off when wet and provide linked allergen, lot number, and out-date information for each vial.

And More…



Touch screen interface streamlines the user experience and optimizes the workflow, yielding increased productivity.


Quality Assurance

Barcoded stock vials and dosing scale allow confirmation of each drug selection and dose attribution, reducing the risk of human error.

Mix Receipt


Real-time access to fully linked production, inventory and patient records to review and print reports. Integrated PDF creation for EMR upload.



Xtract Work Station (XWS)

This 29″ mobile work station ergonomically accommodates all the components of the AMA and XPS with integrated work surface and storage. It can be easily adapted to your clinic’s environment.


Zebra GX420T Label Printer

Thermal label printer with water proof “Life Science” rated vial labels.

Datalogic Scanner

Datalogic GBT 4430 Cordless Scanner

Elegant, comfortable, and lightweight with top of the line imaging capable of reading both 1D and 2D scanned barcode information.


Sales Contacts

Steve Baker
Direct: (503) 379-0107 steve@xtractsolutions.com

Scott Tracy
Direct: (970) 846-6865