An optimized and complete Skin Test management system with rapid panel selection, results entry, and assistive prescription generation.

Xtract Skin Test

Xtract Skin Test (XST) is a customizable technology solution that allows for fully digitized and efficient recording of skin test results. The XST replaces either paper-based recording or inefficient template population in an EMR. The system was developed for use on tablet-style computers to provide mobility and allow a nurse to care for multiple patients at the same time. Prescriptions can be quickly generated directly from the skin test results on the tablet and sent to a networked Xtract Preparation System (XPS) compounding workstation.


  • Customized digital forms to match your skin test sheet formatting.
  • Preset preferences to automatically generate a suggested formula based on your clinic’s procedures.
  • Tablet-based touch screen system allows nurse to be mobile and simultaneously keep track of tests for multiple patients.
  • Built-in timers alert the nurse when it’s time to read a skin test.
  • Integrated camera captures the skin test for a visual record of the results.
  • Prescription order sent directly to Xtract Preparation System (XPS) for compounding.
  • EMR integration available to import demographic information and transfer skin test results to patient’s medical record.
  • Itemized skin test report can be generated automatically for billing.

And More…


Personalized Skin Test

Customized clinic test panels allow for quick allergen selection.


Rapid Data Entry

Record any combination of Wheal, Flare, or Plus System results.


Create Prescriptions

Allows Provider to formulate prescriptions electronically.


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