Allergy clinics across the country are using products from Xtract Solutions to bring a qualitative difference to the life of each patient who comes through the clinic door. See what they have to say below.

We now have a standard operating procedure…

“Xtract’s flexibility allowed us to implement an allergy injection and mixing software into our Children’s Hospital setting. We now have a standard operating procedure along with the peace of mind that the possibility of an injection or mixing error has been reduced to almost zero.”

Crystal Stiles, BSN, RN, SANE-A

Clinical Manager, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Only Xtract could deliver the solution we needed.

“We searched for years for allergy software that would work within our Epic environment at Ochsner, and even tried to develop it ourselves. We looked at every system out there. Only Xtract could deliver the solution we needed.”

W. Edward Davis, III, MD

Department Chairman, Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Ochsner Health Systems

The system eliminates the need for staff to complete an extract log…

“Xtract Solutions customer service team is excellent. If I have had a problem, they attempt to get it fixed as soon as possible. They tend to do a great job with personalizing their software to meet each individual doctor’s needs. I have texted and called, sent pictures via text and email at 4:00 to 5:00am (their time) and have always been answered in a timely manner.

“The transition to Xtract Solutions was as smooth as would have been thought possible. Xtract solutions worked with the IT department at my office to gather patient info so that all patients that were on Allergy IT prior to the system would be automatically integrated into the Xtract system. This was flawless. The process of entering extracts into the system is simple. The ease of use of the program is monumental. The scanning of extracts and patient vials is wonderfully helpful in eliminating the risk with patients with same or similiar names. As well as, the question of whether the correct extract or amount was placed into a vial.

“The system eliminates the need for staff to complete an extract log. Additionally, the system provides a way to track extract usage.  The system is a helpful tool to assist when ordering supplies.”

Tina Cannon

Graves Gilbert Clinic Allergy Department, Bowling Green, KY

After implementing the XIS into the practice, safety for the allergy patients has greatly increased…

“We feel that after implementing the XIS into the practice, safety for the allergy patients has greatly increased. The patient must log in with a fingerprint that is 100% effective in ensuring proper patient identification. At this time we can tell how long it has been since the patient last received an injection, current dose due, and where the last injection was given and the current injection should go. The XIS allows us to send reminder alerts, print billing statements for the day, keep track of orders and injections and have customized settings to keep track of insurances, referrals, arm preferences, etc. The XIS makes paper charts a thing of the past and ensures safety to our patients. Thanks, Xtract Solutions!!

“The XPS leaves minimal room for error. Every antigen has to be scanned, proving it’s the right medication, before it’s OK to be mixed. Lot numbers can be kept track of for recall information, giving a list of affected patients. Mix history can be printed for billing purposes which is wonderful if you’re trying to go paperless. All in all, I feel completely confident about the patient’s safety.”

Lori Reed

LPN, Allergy tech Central Missouri Ear, Nose, Throat & Sinus, P.C. Jefferson City, MO