Vial Label Printing Software

No longer worry about whether your labels are compliant with the latest standards. Let the XTRACT Label Printing System save you time and take the guess work out of labeling your immunotherapy patient vials.

    • Top quality vial label printing software
    • USP 797 compliance
    • Specifically designed to print labels for compounded allergy vials
    • Easy to install and use in Allergy clinics, ENT clinics, and Hospital Pharmacies compounding allergy immunotherapy vials

Our vial labeling software is a dedicated labeling application for easily and efficiently producing patient-specific vial labels and stock inventory labels. The application also maintains a vial history for each patient and has a simple 1-click reprint or remake button. This application can also be used to manage and maintain custom mixes. Labels can be affixed on 5ml-20mm, 5ml-13mm, 10ml-20mm, and 10ml-13mm vials. The label templates are customizable per clinic specifications and meet all regulations for patient prescriptions.

XTRACT supplies the software, labels, and technical support. All you need is a computer and a compatible printer. Your XTRACT sales representative can easily help you through the setup process, including evaluation of your current hardware and printer recommendations.

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