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Xtract Solutions

XTRACT Solutions combines over a decade of software development with the industry-leading outsourcing of Edge Pharma to create a complete allergy immunotherapy management system. At XTRACT we believe that safe and effective immunotherapy begins with the tools necessary to manage the entire clinic, from the time the patient walks in, through the diagnostic process, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections. A key component of this is compliance with the new USP 797 regulations for allergenic extract compounding.

XTRACT Immunotherapy Software and EDGE Pharma combine to make a complete allergy immunotherapy management system for the US market. As a fully integrated program, we help you treat patients from the moment they walk into the clinic.

The six modules that organize your practice include:

Test Module

Test module provides for easy tracking of diagnostic skin testing. Customizable to your practice. Digitize your skin test results and no longer use paper. Easily refill Rxs in a few steps.

Prescribe Module

Prescribe module aids formulation of allergy immunotherapy vials. Easily calculate dilutions and maintenance vials. Prepares order for Mix or Outsource modules.

Mix Module

Mix module assists compounding of allergenic extracts in your clinic or hospital. Keeps track of inventory of stock vials. Automatically print scannable labels.

Outsource Module

For clinics and hospitals not interested in compounding in-house you can outsource to Edge Pharma Allergy. Eliminates USP 797 compliance issues. No need to maintain inventory of extracts.

Inject Module

Barcoded vials prevent injection errors. Set treatment plans and dosing rules for safer, consistent treatment. Waiting room Kiosk with patient fingerprint sign-in. Track patient injection history.

Comply Module

Designed specifically for clinic compounding. Checklist for Allergenic Extracts Compounding Area (AECA). Tracking and reminders for compliance testing.


Xtract Solutions was founded in 2005 by James W. Baker M.D., a highly regarded physician with more than 30 years experience treating patients with allergies, asthma, and immunological disorders. Dr. Baker was concerned with the lack of quality and effectiveness in preparing patient vials for immunotherapy, and recognized a unique opportunity to design a product that would address these issues. Xtract Solutions transformed Dr. Baker’s initial design concept into a product line that has achieved significant results in his own practice, as well as in many others.


Six reasons why you should consider XTRACT Immunotherapy Software for your allergy practice:

Increased productivity for the doctor, nurse, and pharmacy technician.

Patient Safety Improvement. The software barcode scans the vial to make sure it is correct and what the next dose should be.

Waiting room improvements - Xtract’s login kiosk software alerts the nurse and adds the patient to the queue. Our waiting room monitor tells the patient how much time they have left before they can leave.

Patient reminders for shots - Our reminders go out prior to the patient being late and help keep them compliant.

Interface with EMR - all workflows done in one place with a single user login.

Reporting features and data analytics - When clients are tracking important information on paper or Excel you have no way to run a report on that data. With Xtract you can.


Xtract Solutions is a diverse mix of talented people who have created a successful, rewarding place to work. We believe in what we do and in our ability to make a difference in the allergy immunotherapy world.


Xtract Solutions encourages collaboration and broad participation in decision-making throughout the company. Each member of Xtract Solutions comes from a unique background and directly contributes to the culture and legacy of the company.


Edge Pharma and XTRACT Immunotherapy Software combine to provide a complete allergy immunotherapy solution to clinics and hospitals, utilizing Xtract’s software expertise, Edge Pharma’s 503B compounding capabilities, and Edge’s extensive catalog of allergy products, including allergenic extracts and supplies.

Luke Barratt, ceo

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James M. Baker, President

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Scott Tracy, Business Development

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Zoë Harrold, Operations and Implementations

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Madden Revell
Madden Revell, Senior Project Manager

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Stephen Byers, IT Director

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Evan Przydzial, Technical Support

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Andrew Herren, architect developer

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Martin Waugh, software engineer

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Addama Sanders, Director of Development

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Kayla Asay, software developer

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Johnny Cruz , Frontend Web Developer

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Wei Lu, UI/UX testing

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