Founded by a physician for allergy practices.
Increased productivity. Patient safety.

Xtract Solutions

Xtract Solutions combines over a decade of software development with the industry-leading outsourcing of Edge Pharma to create a complete allergy immunotherapy management system. At XTRACT we believe that safe and effective immunotherapy begins with the tools necessary to manage the entire clinic, from the time the patient walks in, through the diagnostic process, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections. A key component of this is compliance with the new USP 797 regulations for allergenic extract compounding.


Xtract Immunotherapy Software is designed to address critical safety issues, and specifically to prevent incorrect injections. It is not a EMR program that has been altered to fit the allergy space. Instead, it is software that was developed for allergy practices, and interfaces with EMRs used in physician offices. It allows clinics that are still using paper charts to phase out that process because Xtract’s software displays the patients’ complete history in an easy to view, customizable format [ more…]

Xtract Allergy Software

Why XTRACT Software?

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity for the doctor, nurse, and pharmacy technician.

Patient Safety Improvement

The software barcode scans the vial to make sure it is correct and what the next dose should be.

Waiting Room Improvements

Login kiosk software alerts the nurse and adds the patient to the queue. Our waiting room monitor tells the patient how much time they have left before they can leave.

Text Reminder for allergy shot

Improved Patient Adherence

Our reminders are texted to patients three days before immunotherapy appointments, helping with patient compliance.

Interface with EMR

All workflows done in one place with a single user login.

Reports & Data Analytics

Reporting features and data analytics - When clients are tracking important information on paper or Excel you have no way to run a report on that data. With Xtract you can.

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