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Xtract Solutions

If your EMR is cloud-based your allergy software should be too

Xtract Solutions has developed immunotherapy software specifically for allergy practices. Founded by a leading allergist, Xtract Solutions combines over a decade of software development with the industry-leading outsourcing of Edge Pharma. At Xtract we understand that safe and effective allergy immunotherapy begins with the right tools to manage the entire clinic, from initial testing through to successful completion of immunotherapy.


Xtract Immunotherapy Software addresses critical safety issues and is designed to prevent incorrect injections. It is not a EMR program that has been altered to fit the allergy space. Instead, it is software that was developed for allergy practices, and interfaces with EMRs used in physician offices. It allows clinics that are still using paper charts to phase out that process because Xtract’s software displays the patients’ complete history in an easy to view, customizable format [ more…]

Xtract Allergy Software

Why XTRACT Software?

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing is rapidly increasing in popularity for healthcare throughout the U.S. Cloud storage saves you money. With cloud storage, there is no need for an on-premise server, or to purchase hardware.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity for the doctor, nurse, and pharmacy technician.

Patient Safety Improvement

The software barcode scans the vial to make sure it is correct and what the next dose should be.

Text Reminder for allergy shot

Improved Patient Adherence

Our reminders are texted to patients three days before immunotherapy appointments, helping with patient compliance.

Interface with EMR

All workflows done in one place with a single user login.

Waiting Room Improvements

Login kiosk software alerts the nurse and adds the patient to the queue. Our waiting room monitor tells the patient how much time they have left before they can leave.

Xtract Software - Summit v.6.0

Xtract Solutions is thrilled to announce the release of Version 6.0 of our cloud-based software developed specifically for allergy practices. Version 6.0 offers several exciting new features including dedicated windows for performing vial tests and new ways to build patient prescriptions. Xtract is committed to consistently updating its software to improve ease of use and efficiency in the allergy practice.

Version 6.0 Highlights

This feature allows for extracts to be grouped together for easier prescribing, when combining groups in a vial together. After navigating to System Management, providers can create a new panel or edit an existing one. Click to add the desired extracts and use the arrows to adjust the order they will display in prescription. Extracts can be added or removed on a per-prescription basis.

Benefits – Time saving for the provider, fewer button clicks, reduce human error

There are two new ways to build the dosing for prescriptions. Providers choose their dosing option in the Prescribing Profiles window in System Management. Providers who want to build the dosing by concentration specify fill volume. Providers who want to build the dosing by shot set the desired amount of antigen in each maintenance injection.

Benefits – Improves patient care by dosing against allergy potency; providers can now use the software to prescribe exactly as they would on paper, with the system backing them up

Easily accessible in System Management, the window displays a complete list of vials and can be sorted and filtered. Accessing the vial list window from the patient’s chart displays all vials used for that patient.

Benefits – Providers can filter and run reports for patient vials about to outdate to ensure timely remixing to keep patients on schedule; Providers are easily able to determine clinic’s vial usage

Providers can use the new vial test window to perform vial tests or note that the vial test is required to be performed before the next injection. The Vial Test Scoring windows enable the provider to add vials to be tested.

Benefits – Improve patient safety when injecting from new vials by testing the potency of the vial before giving a patient their full dose

  • Barcodes on PDFs are now supported. Scanning the barcode will bring up the patient’s prescription.
  • Improved Vial Warning will present when an expired vial is scanned.
  • Easily search for treatment plans by typing keywords to filter the dropdown list. The provider can also conveniently assign the appropriate treatment plan at the time of prescription order.
  • Local Storage Warning will present when the browser’s local storage is getting full, which could cause the app to run slowly. Navigating to the Application tab allows the provider to clear storage.
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