Dedicated Kiosk Benefits

Managing the waiting room can be challenging for allergy practices. Between the general patient queue and checking in and out dozens of shot patients daily, it can be a lot to keep up with. Add to that the knowledge that patients receive an average of 100 shots over the course of their immunotherapy treatment, so allergy clinics should be sensitive about this time commitment and do their best to expediate the process as much as possible to ensure patient compliance. Xtract Immunotherapy software can help with this.


“Waiting for Injection” queue

Xtract Immunotherapy Software can help with this. Xtract offers a dedicated kiosk which integrates seamlessly into the immunotherapy process. Using the kiosk, allergy shot patients can skip the general clinic line when checking in and instead simply enter the last 4 digits of their phone number and unique Pin number. Xtract also offers a touchless sign-in option that utilizes a barcode printed on a card or pulled up on a smartphone to avoid spreading germs and viruses. Once signed in, patients can answer the health questionnaire right on the screen, which the nurse will review to ensure it is safe to administer their shots that day. Once finished, patients are added to the “Waiting for Injection” queue that the nurse can view on the dashboard in the app.

“Waiting to be Excused” list

In addition to patients arriving and waiting for their injections, most patients must wait afterwards to ensure there is no reaction to the shots, sometimes even needing to see the nurse a second time to have their injection site checked. After shots have been administered, patients are added to the “Waiting to be Excused” list. While waiting, patients can see their wait time on a monitor in the waiting area, so they don’t leave early. After their wait time has elapsed, patients can sign themselves out via the kiosk or visit the nurse if they have any reactions (note: sign-out functionality can be disabled if desired by the clinic).

Useful data for clinic administrators

Using the Injection and Excuse dashboard windows also generates useful data for clinic administrators, including how long patients typically wait before and after they are seen, metrics for specific patient compliance, and when there are busy periods during which more injection staff would be valuable.

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