Xtract software comprises six modules – Test, Prescribe, Mix, Customize, Inject, Comply. The Mix module, described here, is the third of six modules. The Mix module assists compounding of allergenic extracts in your clinic or hospital. It can transmit to compounders provider-created instructions on mixing that are clear, precise and easily retrievable. Appropriate staff can easily review treatment set instructions and contents, by simply logging in.

Xtract is a software program specifically designed to organize patient care for allergy patients, from diagnosis and initial testing through successful completion of treatment. It is a cloud-based platform accessible via any network-connected device.


Mix Module Features:

Keeps track of stock vial inventory, including real time updated volume of what is left in each vial
Automatically record lot numbers
Automatically determine and record Beyond Use Date (BUD)
Automatically print scannable labels for use in the shot clinic

How to compound a patient treatment in Xtract software (video)


How extracts can be viewed, edited, and added and how to add inventory (video)


Mix Queue View

A list of patient allergy treatment sets to be made and their current completion status. Prioritization levels can be assigned to assure timely mixing of the most critically needed treatment sets. There is the ability to stage the prescription for review by the appropriate staff.

Order Queue View

The order queue represents a way to view all mixes in one order for each patient. Some orders may have only one mix in them, but others can have two, three, or four mixes if the patient is highly allergic.


Vial Mixing View

Vials are mixed according to instructions from the provider. Each ingredient must be scanned to verify that it correlates to an ingredient contained within the serum being prepared. This step also documents the lot number and each component in the serum to ensure full traceability.


Dispensing View

The compounder is instructed to dispense a specific volume of each ingredient (e.g. 0.5mL) into the highest concentrated vial (1:1) based upon the specific allergy serum order being mixed. Once all of the ingredients have been entered, the vial labels will autoprint and the serial dilutions can be made.


Record Keeping and Label Printing View

Once preparation of a serum has been completed, the mixing receipt is automatically sent to the EHR through an interface, along with billing for 95165 with the correct diagnosis codes and units. Each vial label has a unique barcode that can be scanned in the Inject module, to confirm the nurse has selected the correct vial for injection.


Mix Receipt View

The mix receipt contains all the ingredients of the treatment set including the lot number and expiration dates of the constituents. This information is required per the new guidance from the chapter on compounding allergenic extracts in USP 797.