We at Xtract Solutions are proud to meet with prospective customers and demonstrate how our groundbreaking software organizes and simplifies the practice of allergenic immunotherapy and helps address some of the USP797 requirements. Understandably, prospective customers ask us: How do I determine that this investment will be a good value for my practice?


How many hours per day or per week is a nurse writing labels for a patient vial and recording lot numbers & expiration dates?

Xtract Immunotherapy Software automatically generates labels for patient vials and the prescription receipt, which includes extract names, amount, diluent, lot number, and expiration dates. This saves valuable time for nurses who are manually completing this work.

How much time is the physician spending creating prescriptions?

This critical work can be done more efficiently, taking less time, with Xtract software. Currently, a provider may be working from two screens, checking test results before writing the prescription. The provider may be doing the math for dilutions, and then double documenting by afterward entering all information in the patient’s EHR.

With Xtract, all positive test results are viewed on one screen and are easily added to the prescription. Default doses for each antigen are preset based on provider preferences to allow for faster entry but can also be changed if desired. The software adds the antigens up for the maintenance vials and automatically fills the remainder of the vial with diluent. When interfaced with the EHR, the prescription order is automatically added to the patient’s EHR record.

What is your current system for checking inventory?

Is it having a nurse look through the refrigerator? How do you determine the expiration date of a particular extract – does it require a nurse locating it and reading the label? Xtract Solutions generates thorough reports on a provider’s inventory. Readily available, to view on the computer or print out within seconds, is extract inventory, amount in each vial, and expiration date.

What percentage of your patients “drop out” – missing appointments or just giving up on shots?

In addition to the patient not getting the desired result of immunotherapy, patients who drop out can be costly to a practice that has provided testing, prescription writing, and the creation of treatment sets. Research shows that two strategies can dramatically increase patient adherence: patient reminders before appointments, via text and/or email, and better patient education. In addition to generating reminders, Xtract enables providers to share a clear graph for patients, so they can see where they are in their treatment program and when they will reach a maintenance period.

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