Xtract Software – FAQ

Yes. After a billable transaction in XTRACT, for example a skin test was performed, a prescription mixed, or immunotherapy injection administered, a billing message can be sent to the EHR or PM for charge capture.

Xtract Solutions is much more than just a software company. Our system is a complete solution to compliant immunotherapy. Unlike other software systems our allergy immunotherapy software includes all the modules you may need (Test, Prescribe, Mix, Customize, Inject, and Comply). In addition, XTRACT offers easy outsourcing of immunotherapy treatment vials, both patient specific and non-patient specific custom mixes. As providers and health system pharmacy personnel begin to evaluate costs and options related to USP 797 compliance, it will be more important than ever to have a complete solution.

Our systems were designed to be scalable. Our customers range in size from dozens of allergists spanning multiple states to single provider practices in rural areas. We also understand that larger hospital systems often have heightened levels of regulation to ensure document security and responsible use of systems. XTRACT Immunotherapy Software includes configurable user privilege levels that allow you to contain users to only those parts of the software they are allowed access to. Within larger hospital systems, EMR/EHR integration is also important. With the mandate to have the patient’s complete record in the EHR, clinicians are often forced to double document the data on paper and then again in the EHR. With XTRACT’s interfaced solutions these challenges go away.

We have a dedicated support team that help make the transition to allergy immunotherapy software as seamless as possible.

Small practices often mean fewer employees trying to accomplish the same amount of work as a larger organization. Allergy immunotherapy software can help alleviate many of the burdens associated with this. Time consuming tasks such as labeling, extract lot traceability, compliance, and immunotherapy documentation are handled by XTRACT software, freeing up valuable staff time. The decision assistance features built into XTRACT make it easy for staff to be cross trained, allowing you to keep your employee pool nimble.

We find most allergists and organizations have specific processes. Our platform is designed with this flexibility in mind. The XTRACT onboarding leverages decades of allergy clinical experience and over 10 years of software development to provide a turn-key installation process. And each implementation can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Yes. XTRACT Immunotherapy Software has a flexible integration engine to ensure that whatever EHR you use, we will be able to push data in the preferred format. Typical integrations include patient demographics from your EHR / PM system, XTRACT document results sent to the EHR (e.g. skin test, prescription, and injection reports), and charge capture messages sent for billing in the EHR / PM.

Yes! Summit is designed intentionally to operate as a standalone digital immunotherapy record, to work beside an EHR without requiring an interface, and also capable of operating fully interfaced. Whether a clinic is not using an EHR or prefers to to interface Summit can easily track the patients demographics. There are also built in tools to get records into external systems with minimal clicks like the ability to download reports, or our ‘chart ready note’ which allows copying visit summaries to be pasted into an external system with a single click.

Yes, we provide both remote and on-site training / go-live support. Remote training is included in the implementation cost and can be scheduled both before and after the clinical go-live date. Onsite training is also often bundled in with implementation, but can easily be added at any time.

YES! We do interface with Cerner, meaning we can receive patient demographics from Cerner, and can send back clinical documents (skin tests results, mixes made, injections given) to complete the medical record in Cerner.