Patient safety is the first priority for healthcare providers offering allergy immunotherapy. With most patients receiving hundreds of allergy shots over a course of a few years, and often multiple allergies being treated, there is potential for error. Xtract Software has built-in features to help providers prioritize safety during allergy immunotherapy treatment.

A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported survey results of allergy providers queried about errors made in their practices in the preceding five years. A total of 479 providers responded, with 57 percent answering that an allergy injection had been given to the wrong patient in the previous five years, and 74 answering that an incorrect dose had been given to a patient in the previous five years.(1)

1) Aaronson, D. M.D., Gandhi, I. M.D., M.P.H., Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Incorrect Allergy Injections: Allergists Experiences and Recommendations for Prevention,


Xtract Immunotherapy Software helps providers prioritize safety in a number of ways:

Xtract creates a suggested Patient-specific serum order

First, Xtract takes treatment preferences and parameters that are input by the provider and applies them to initial testing results to identify a suggested patient-specific serum order, which the provider can then review and alter.

Xtract helps to calculate serum and diluent amounts

The software helps to calculate serum and diluent amounts. When a patient comes in for an injection, the nurse can review all pertinent information on a single screen, including days since last injection, dose of last injection, any reaction, and what is scheduled to be given that day.

Xtract barcode scan ensures it is the correct vial for the patient

The software-generated barcode on the patient vial label helps make sure the correct vial has been selected for the correct patient. These safeguards help ensure accurate prescribing and correct injections.

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