Allergy Immunotherapy

At Xtract Solutions, allergenic immunotherapy is our entire focus. It is what we do. We are not an EHR service with an add-on for allergy. At our core is a sophisticated understanding of how allergy immunotherapy is practiced in the U.S., and the needs of providers. We know that individual providers have different approaches and treatment regimens for their patients, and our software is highly configurable to meet specific preferences.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)

The benefits of Xtract Immunotherapy Software begin with initial testing. At first use, individual providers must customize the Xtract software by inputting their preferences and treatment practices. The Xtract software then collects test results and provides a suggested patient-specific allergy serum order based on and driven by the providers’ input preferences.

With Xtract, instructions for compounding prescription named patient treatment sets are clear, precise, and easily retrievable. Stock vial inventory, lot numbers, and BUD information are compiled and viewable on a single screen. Bar code labels are printed for treatment set vials, helping to ensure correct injections and eliminate errors.

Xtract’s kiosk feature offers touchless log-in and automated patient health questionnaire, which a nurse can review before injections. Complete patient history and injection information is viewable on a single screen. Vial verification is an additional safety component. After injection, a report can be forwarded to the patient’s EHR.

Xtract’s professional staff is highly experienced in the area of USP compliance.

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