Xtract Solutions and Modernizing Medicine have partnered to interface their solutions through a FHIR API to bring a more seamless solution to their mutual allergy clinic clients. The interface includes sharing demographic data from Modernizing Medicine to Xtract and sharing immunotherapy documents and billing information from Xtract back to Modernizing Medicine. The interface is already validated and in use by mutual clients. Setup is easy and affordable. Enjoy the best features from both companies thanks to this new partnership.

Allergy Software for ENT Offices

Are you an ENT offering, or looking to offer, allergenic immunotherapy? Xtract Immunotherapy Software understands your protocol and speaks your language. Our software includes several critical features developed with the ENT practice in mind. At Xtract we believe that safe and effective immunotherapy begins with the tools necessary to manage the entire clinic, from the time the patient walks in, through the diagnostic process, immunotherapy vial creation, and injections.

This version of Xtract software was developed exclusively for ENT practices, with functionality that streamlines testing, injections, charting, and billing. Whether you are an Otolaryngology practice that follows the AAOA protocols to the letter or does something unique, Xtract Solutions software is the most customizable and feature rich in the allergy software category.


Video Demos

ENT - Extracts & Inventory
ENT - Providers & Profile
ENT - Prescribing
ENT - Mixing

Software Features

  1. Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT) Algorithm diagnostic testing supported.
  2. Modified MQT and traditional IDT testing also outlined and documented.
  3. Dilution requirements for intradermal testing calculated after initial skin prick test.
  4. Treatment concentration (EP+2) calculated after intradermal test results based on provider preferences.
  5. Extracts added to patient’s prescription automatically populate at treatment concentration per skin test results; provider can adjust as desired.
  6. Easily increment or decrement individual extracts as patient progresses through vials.
  7. Test results digitized, no longer requiring paper.
  8. Labelling and tracking of stock vial inventory, including real time updated volume of what is left in each vial.
  9. Create lot traceable dilution boards with specific discard dates to know when to remake.
  10. Reports to tell you when to remake vials based on expiration and volume remaining in patient vial.
  11. Vial safety test can be recorded prior to first dose out of a new patient vial.

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