Cloud computing is rapidly increasing in popularity for healthcare throughout the U.S., as more and more providers recognize its security, reliability, and overall economic benefit. Cloud-based computing improves efficiency in collecting data from different sources, meaning that writing prescriptions, reviewing patient history, managing workflow, and billing can all be done easily by providers and care teams across an organization. Xtract Immunotherapy Software is a cloud-based system, specifically developed for providers offering allergenic immunotherapy.

Xtract utilizes ClearDATA, a HIPAA-compliant cloud service provider that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). ClearDATA provides customers an extra layer of privacy protection when storing data on the public cloud. The software includes automated safeguards that check each action against established controls. Security status is constantly tracked. Dashboard reporting includes virus scans, intrusion detection, and compliance.


Cloud storage saves you money

With cloud storage, there is no need for an on-premise server, or to purchase hardware. It also eliminates the need to have an IT person on staff or contract with an IT company. Medical offices do not typically require a fulltime IT person; however when there is a problem with a server, such as an interruption of service, technical support is needed immediately, and may not always be available. Our cloud solution eliminates this problem. Unlimited technical support is included in the Maintenance Support Package, and is available Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.  

Easy Data exchange

Data is available and easily exchanged between all stakeholders, including physicians, patients, insurance companies, and clinics.

Limitless storage in the cloud

Storage in the cloud is limitless. Patients getting immunotherapy often have hundreds of injections over the course of years. There is a great deal of charting for this many patient encounters, including testing results, extract and diluent amounts used, reactions, and patient progress through the treatment plan.

Patient Privacy Protection

In accordance with HIPAA regulations, all patient health information is encrypted when stored on the cloud, thus securing privacy and health information.

Remote Login

Cloud computing and storage means providers who are working remotely or travel between offices always have access to data. With Xtract’s cloud-based software, patient history, including the entire immunotherapy record, is available from any location. Providers can work from home and access the Xtract software on their preferred device and web browser.

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