About Xtract Solutions

Founded in 2005 by a well-known allergist in the Pacific Northwest, Xtract Solutions today offers a robust, end-to-end solution for the physical and data management of immunotherapy clinics.


Mission and Vision

At Xtract Solutions, we believe in the proven medical science of immunotherapy. We are passionate in our vision: to develop easy to use systems that extend every clinic’s ability to make a measurable and documented qualitative difference in the life of each patient who comes through the clinic doors.

No matter how your clinic works or what your internal processes are, our mission is to help you refine and elevate your immunotherapy workflow so that it is intuitive and adaptable for your caregivers, and always traceable. No matter how you measure success, whether it’s improved patient outcomes or better profitability, Xtract Solutions is there to support you and your team.

Our Founder, James Baker

Meet Our Founder

Xtract Solutions was founded in 2005 by James W. Baker, M.D., a highly regarded physician with over 30 years experience treating patients with allergies, asthma, and immunological disorders. Dr. Baker was concerned with the lack of quality and effectiveness in preparing patient vials for immunotherapy, and recognized a unique opportunity to design a product that would address these issues. Xtract Solutions transformed Dr. Baker’s initial design concept into a product line that has achieved significant results in his own practice, as well as many others.

Our Founder, James Baker

Meet Our President and CEO

James has a unique relationship with the world of allergy thanks to being the son of an allergist who has been practicing for over 40 years. Growing up around the allergy clinic, James has seen how things run and even began working at the clinic during summers in high school and college taking histories of patients before Dr. Baker would meet with them.

Fast forward to 2006 when James began working with Dr. Baker again as a coordinator for clinical research trials. He managed two grass tablet SLIT studies and several nasal spray studies as well. In 2010, Xtract Solutions was maturing as a company and a need for leadership was apparent. It was obvious that the best choice was to have James take the lead and channel the vision that Dr. Baker founded the company on: to create systems that truly bettered the field of allergen immunotherapy, and make a sustainable business out of that vision.

James is excited to be working with the great team at Xtract, and continue to help improve the world of allergen immunotherapy for both the providers and their patients.

In his spare time, James coaches high school basketball and is an avid football and basketball fan. In the summer, he enjoys family fly fishing vacations on the Deschutes River—a tradition for over 25 years.

Hear From the Professionals

…The software is customizable to each practices’ style and preferences. I have found it to be very conducive and intuitive to both experienced and newer nurses, it’s very easy to use while training and teaching others…

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