Team Members Spotlight


About six months ago Xtract Solutions added two key and transformative team members to our team.

Addama brings years of experience managing software development teams. In a few short months he has transformed our dev platform to an agile platform creating a team synergy which is able to predictably iterate Summit forward with new features and improvements. The platform meets and exceeds time and safety targets with each new sprint. Addama’s human warmth balances his ‘Warmaster’ moniker, fiercely protecting his team and their targets, always focused on the safety and care of the patients whose lives our systems touch.

Madden joined our team at the same time, bringing with her years of experience working as an implementation manager for an Epic tool. Her professional experience and healthcare domain expertise accelerate client implementation, and allow us to create a dynamic array of project templates for a tailored experience. Whether you are a clinic looking for the labeling system or a health network with an enterprise EHR interface, you can have full confidence working with our team. Madden has done all of this while being a new mother. She is quick to laugh, honest, and able to balance large project catalogs with ease.

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